is the main inspiration source and
 shopping address for all those cool girls desperate
  for unique pieces to add to their closet.
   We want to be THE trend destination, to be your
    fashion forward boutique and to feed you up with the
     latest must haves of every season.
      But we had some troubles fitting all these ideas in
        a simple online shop: and there our Magazine
         was born!
Despite the more than 30 independent labels within
our online boutique, we will always consider our-
selves style hunters, not a label store.
We believe 'money doesn't buy style': on
the price tag means nothing. It doesn’t matter if a dress
costs €1 or €1000 all that counts for our stuff to be introduced
in shop in one simple thought: “Is it cool? Then, we want it!”
We find something thrilling about upcoming brand, because we are
passionate about new ideas and love the way the designers’ personalities
reflect in the things they make. We love to support our labels. We believe in
the enormous potential of on-the-rise fashion designers who get us excited
and want to give you access to their unique products and stories.
We‘re a team of fashion addicts working non-stop to create
the perfecet place where WE would love to shop; so yes
our lovely fashionista, no one knows you better than we do!
Our customers are the reason why we are here: we love
them and love to serve them in the best way. Style advi-
sors are always ready to have a chat with you about the
latest trend and the best way to pair it! The best stuff
coming from our creative designers; the most inspiring
images shot by our group of creative people; the trendiest
looks created by our stylist; the indispensable advice
from IT-girls and bloggers: we know it won’t be hard now
for you cool people to make an awesome fashion choice!
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At the moment we represent over 30 brands and designers scouted from internet, magazines, flee markets, and fashion shows but when it's up to talent, we never have enough!
It doesn’t matter if your brand is big or small; If you believe in your line as much as we believe in style reach out to our buyers and show us what you've got! Send a mail to
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Bloggers & Photographers

We work with stylish people from all around the world and you could be one of them! Are you a creative fashion victim? A blogger? A cool hunter? A photographer? A stylist or even more? Then it's time to tell us about you!
Surprise us with your talent and personality and you could be featured in our magazine!
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We know the world is full of sexy chicks and we don't want to miss you out! We are constantly seeking natural beauties, strong personalities and fresh girls to transform in professional models.
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